• waterkiosk Village of Mwanga

    At last, short distances for clean drinking water

    Village Of Mwanga

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  • waterkiosk St. Joseph Primary School

    Worry-free learning thanks to safe drinking water

    St. Joseph Primary School

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  • waterkiosk Henry Gogarty Secondary School

    Wonderful outlook for 1,000 students

    Henry Gogarty Secondary School

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  • waterkiosk Mandaka Mnono Health Center

    Healthy water = healthy patients

    Mandaka Mnono Health Center

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With your help

We can ensure clean water for everyone

Clean drinking water is not only a human right, but above all, the very resource base on which current and future generations depend. What we take for granted in Switzerland is still a daily struggle and a question of survival in many countries, including Tanzania.

The waterkiosk foundation is committed to combating water scarcity.

Since 2011, we were able to install simple solar systems in 119 schools, 17 hospitals and 14 village communities in Tanzania, providing more than 80,000 children and adults with access to safe and clean drinking water.

In 2018, we intend to build facilities for a further 25,000 people, paving the way for a healthier and better life for more than 100,000 people.

Donate today to help us reach this goal.

waterkiosk Kiwala Primary School
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80,000 children and adults

drink clean water from our water facilities on a daily basis

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people will gain access to drinking water this year alone

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A human right

access to clean water must become the norm for everyone


Leto Village «Rombo 1»

On 9 November 2017, the facility was formally put into operation. In Leto, 5,000 children and adults now have 24-hour access to clean drinking water. ... more »

waterkiosk Rombo Leto Village Cornershop

Interview with Thomas Ziörjen, Volunteer

Become active

On the road for waterkiosk in Tanzania - impressions by a first-time volunteer. ... more »

waterkiosk Thomas Zioerjen Büro Moshi

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