• Clean drinking water thanks to river bank filtration and residual disinfection of the river water

    Ruvu Remit Village

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  • Access to clean water for children who need a chance

    St. Francis Primary School

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  • Clean drinking water for an entire community

    SAME primary school and village centre

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  • Better is possible: previously only running water one day a week

    St. Stephen Boy’s Secondary School, Kisangara

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With your help

We can ensure clean water for everyone

Clean drinking water is not only a human right, but above all, the very resource base on which current and future generations depend. What we take for granted in Switzerland is still a daily struggle and a question of survival in many countries, including Tanzania.

The waterkiosk foundation is committed to combating water scarcity.

Since 2011, we have been able to install simple solar systems in 105 schools, 18 hospitals and 19 village communities in Tanzania, giving over 125,000 children and adults access to clean and safe drinking water.

To date, we have installed a total of 9 SuMeWa, 136 SoWaDis systems and 3 Mico-Clean filters at various locations in Tanzania to give people access to clean water.

Donate today to help us reach this goal.

waterkiosk Kiwala Primary School

80,000 children and adults

drink clean water from our water facilities on a daily basis


people will gain access to drinking water this year alone

A human right

access to clean water must become the norm for everyone

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