Ruvu Remit Village, Simanjiro District, Manyara Region

Initiative for clean water in remote Ruvu Remit overcomes all challenges.

The village of Ruvu Remit is located in a remote area that is difficult to reach by road. The inhabitants are predominantly Maasai and their water source is the heavily polluted Pangani River. By combining bank filtration with a solar-powered system for residual disinfection, the village, the two schools and the emergency centre are now supplied with clean drinking water.

By initially installing three taps, the population can easily access this drinking water.

The project has been very well received in the surrounding area, so much so that we have already set our sights on another village upstream for bank filtration.

Kann leer bleiben

Important data:

Technology: River bank filtration, SuMeWa disinfection, solar-powered pumps, 3 water kiosks.

Performance: for around 5,000 people

Input: Poor quality river water

Output: Clean drinking water

Year: 2022

Sponsor: Fontana Foundation, Herrliberg

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