SAME primary school and village centre, Same District, Kilimanjaro Region

SAME diocese, clean drinking water for the primary school and the village centre.

A pipeline is being built to connect the existing well with the primary school and the village centre of Mbono. At the same time, a SuMeWa system is installed at the existing well to disinfect the water. This will be followed by the installation of three prepaid water taps at the well station, the Mbono Primary School and the Mbono village centre. An expansion of the distribution network is possible.

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Imporant data:

Technology: SuMeWa system with pipework, 3 water kiosks

Performance: for 3,500 people

Input: Groundwater

Output: Clean drinking water

Year: 2024

Sponsor: We have received CHF 25,000 from a private individual, the remaining funding is still outstanding.

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