St. Stephen Boy’s Secondary School, Kisangara, Mwanga District, Manyara Region

Better is possible: previously only running water one day a week.

At St. Stephen Boy’s Secondary School, water could only be distributed one day a week. There had been talk of closing the school due to lack of water.

This problem has been alleviated by a recently drilled 100 metre deep well outside the school compound, which provides an independent groundwater supply. The yield of the well is good, as is the quality of the water. The well was funded by donations from the students’ families at their graduation ceremonies.

So far, only the components of the system on the school grounds and an external tap have been built. However, the water supply can be extended at any time with additional pipes and water kiosks.

Important data:

Technology: Solar pump, SuMeWa system (e.g. pump, solar collectors, water tanks, five water kiosks, corner shop)

Performance: for 800 people

Input: Groundwater (water quality, e.g. groundwater, river bank filtrate)

Output: Drinking water (water quality, e.g. drinking water, process water)

Year: 2023

Sponsor: Däster-Schild Stiftung, Stiftung Sonnenschein, City of St. Gallen «Wasser-Rappen»

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