St. Francis Primary School, Boma, Moshi District, Arusha Region

No service water was available due to a faulty well pump motor.

St Francis Primary School is a primary school for disabled and non-disabled children and a refuge for albinos, run by the Diocese of Moshi. waterkiosk has been involved in the school since 2013. The drinking water is sourced from the municipality and disinfected using a SoWaDis system, which works well. As there is a charge for the water, the school uses it exclusively for drinking water.

There is a well on the site that supplies non-potable (salty) water, which is therefore used for cleaning, washing and general hygiene purposes. As the school mainly teaches children with albinism, a sufficient supply of service water is particularly important for daily hygiene.

The school is destitute and could not afford a new pump motor.

Kann leer bleiben

Important data:

Technology: Borehole pump (replacement pump motor)

Performance: 500 Children

Input: Groundwater (salty)

Output: Process water for cleaning, washing and general hygiene purposes

Year: 2023

Sponsor: David Bruderer Stiftung

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