You can help

Would you also like to become active and contribute to a better water supply in Tanzania? Your donation has a big impact:

With your donation of 100 CHF
Five children can drink clean water every day.

With your donation of 1’000 CHF
A big school class can fully concentrate on learning and at the same time quench their thirst without fear of becoming ill.

With your donation of 6’000 CHF
You finance an entire SoWaDis system and turn an entire school into a “safe water school”.

With your donation of 10’000 CHF
You give green light to the construction of a SuMeWa system. This system can provide a constant water supply to 1,000 children and adults.

Donate Now

As a donor of systems, you will be informed for which project your donation will be used.

The waterkiosk foundation guarantees that all donations are used directly to fund our projects. Administration costs are paid by the members of the board of directors, who all work on a voluntary basis. Their expenses are not reimbursed by the foundation.

Our foundation is audited externally by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG.

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